Do You Want To Attract Anything You Want And Raise Your Vibrations? Try This Trick

I met my husband over 6 years ago.

He had flown to Florida to surprise me for my birthday and gave me 26 presents, each for a year I had been alive, and he told me, “you’re here for something special, and I’m going to make sure you see that.”

With that, I started a business in December 2015… it has now sprouted so many legs and 500x itself.

Many business folks would stare at me in disbelief each year saying, “this type of growth isn’t typical…” and I would shrug and say, “neither is the way I live my life.”

I used my knowledge of the brain that I had worked with and studied clinically, I used my intuition and connection to stay centered and find answers, I would wake up daily asking, “what does the world need from me today that I have to offer?”

And every day, whether it was a post, a video, a call, a donation, working on myself, whatever… I would honor it, and I would do it.

Not knowing where it would land me, but trusting it was what was meant to be.

Then I became a full time stepmom to the sweetest (now) 10 year old, that makes my world so much sweeter, and that much crazier.

First time I met him I heard his prayers that very first night, “Dear God. Thank you for Mandy, thank you for Mandy, thank you for Mandy.”

I thanked God for him too.

Then I wanted to move to the ocean, so I wrote in my journal that by the summer, with no idea how, we would pack up and head west to live in Laguna Beach.

I write this (originally) now as I look out my window at the Pacific Ocean.

Then we felt we were being pulled away from the ocean and to creating a space for our many clients.

Our Retreat Center was birthed and it’s AMAZING!

Next, we decided we were ready for a bit less travel, and to find home, and as usual the Universe guided us to an incredible and magical home in the mountains just recently.

These past years have been filled with new friends, removing friends, massive abundance, family troubles of the painful kinds, coming closer in love than ever before, and facing fears.

I had always been in the drivers seat after all.

I began to see life as it truly was. Not hyped up optimistic, nor my typical “the Sky is falling for no reason” pessimism.
As it IS.

Everyday, I chose, and chose and chose… DIFFERENT.
Chose to go to my dark recesses when needed.
Chose to step over issues and not involve myself when needed.
Chose to TRUST.
Chose to finally let the love in AND out.
Chose to take chances on growth
Chose to invest in myself.
Chose to surrender when right and take action accordingly too.
Chose to figure out self love, even when hating myself felt so much easier.
Chose to say NO to those whom could no longer walk the path with me.
Chose to choose love over fear, so I could stay in my Authenticity and make difficult decisions DAILY with ease instead of perception.
And for me, most importantly… chose to serve.
I was in a world of pain once upon a time. And the moment I fully dedicated myself to humanity, to healing, and growth… and I do mean FULLY. Life’s possibilities opened up completely for me, and showed me my desires were only a vibration away…

I’ve unlocked the most well rounded life of blessings, and those that I’ve worked with truly do the same.

But like my mom has always said, life is all about choices. So, you’ll have to choose to take the first step.

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Like someone once said to me…
You’re here for something special.
I’m here to help you see that.
And in case no one has told you today,
I love you © Copyright 2021