How to effortlessly achieve more abundance in just 24-48 hours

Clear Your Abundance Blocks To Experience Extraordinary Shifts In Your Reality

Feel free to leave doubt, fear, and negativity in the past as you learn the exact steps YOU need to take to manifest more abundance, success, and happiness TODAY

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In This Webinar You Will Learn :

Mandy shares her powerful process to manifest predictably and consistently EVEN when feeling unworthy and undeserving at times.

About Mandy Morris

Mandy Morris, founder of Authentic Living and international best-selling author of “Love: It’s How I Manifest: On Abundance, Happiness, Joy, and Peace of Mind”,  is a world-renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and speaker guiding thousands to discover effortless manifestation and abundance.


Mandy has been studying the science of mindset, abundance, and love for over 10 years. With time-tested science and “love-based”methods that have been researched, studied, and taught by therapists and coaches throughout the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, UK, and US, her students are creating instant and lasting change.


She’s helped tens of thousands of people find true authenticity within themselves, manifest their deepest desires, and create deep & lasting transformation. 


She is the featured expert across a vast array of publications including Good Morning LaLa Land, Shape Online, Well+Good, Mantra Wellness Magazine, Thrive Global, mindbodygreen, to name a few. 


In this webinar, Mandy will teach you her powerful 4-Step Manifestation Process so that you can begin your journey immediately.

 Mandy with American Actress, Halle Berry, the Oscar and Academy Award Winner
Mandy with American Actor, John Travolta, the Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award Winner

See what some of Mandy’s students have to say about her work:


“My life has so much less drama…”

“Before I met Mandy, my life consisted of worrying about expectations of others and not living my life in any way, shape or form that resembled what I’d hoped for it.

After meeting Mandy, I’ve been able to make transitions easily, worry less, and generally find My own true North. I’ve spent more time with family in the last few months that I’ve spent 10 years. Family is a huge priority to me.

My biggest breakthroughs I have been to stay in my own lane. We don’t have control over what other people think or do. We have control over what we do for ourselves. My life has so much less drama. When my family complains or tries to involve me in their drama, I try to lovingly Hold space for them To solve their own problems instead of participating.

Mandy is very genuine loving and present. She’s different because her intent shines through her work. She cares about people and wants them to be able to transform and live their true selves.

~ Sandy R.


“I’m learning to manifest better, faster and more precisely!”

I’ve been doing manifestation work for several years now, and have seen amazing results, but felt it needed some fine tuning and a deeper understanding of it, to be more precise and effective. I’m learning to manifest better, faster and more precisely! I have an ease of life, where I always feel provided for, so far less worry, and it’s fun to see what you can create when you have the right tools and knowledge. I akin it to doing a proper push-up. Once you have your form correct, and your breathing and execution of the move, you get a much better and far more effective push-up. Mandy’s program is exactly like that. I’m expanding my current business, lost 20 lbs, and am now doing handstands, all possible through the work I did with her wisdom. So is what you’re doing now working out for you? It has worked for me, in what I wanted. What have you got to lose?!

~ Christina Russo


“Mandy’s language speaks directly to my soul…”

One of my top struggles was that I still couldn’t understand what I was supposed to do in this life, and on that day I made a wish and sent it to the Universe. I started focusing all my energy on working towards resolutions and two weeks later Mandy’s Facebook ad popped into my feed and I signed up for both her programs. 


Mandy came into my life as a gift, a wish answered by the Universe. As I watched her free webinar, I literally saw my future flashing before my eyes…Mandy’s presence provided me with clarity of what my purpose work is. Her programs, videos and Q&A’s gave me so many incredible tools and methods, it helped speed up my recovery, propel my visions and provide the resolutions to all the issues I was working on and more.


For me its her Presence because Mandy is already synced with the rhythm of the Universe and vibrates on on her highest frequency, everything that’s coming from her is valuable. I listen to everything she says with hunger and childish openness.


I’ve been learning from a number of Law-of-Attraction masters, each one of them has their own way, which may or may not speak to your soul, specifically (its like languages and people: people understand more when you speak in the language they understand). So, Mandy’s language speaks directly to my soul. Her adorable being – her Presence – makes the biggest difference <3

~ Annette Rise

Register to learn Mandy’s fool-proof 4-Step Process to manifest anything you want predictable and consistently.

Overcome your manifestation blocks with Mandy’s easy and effective 4-step process to manifest almost anything you want- every single time.

Register To Learn Mandy’s Fool-Proof 4-Step Process To Manifest Anything You Want Predictably and Consistently

Watch Now For A Limited Time Only

  • Sunday, 15 September 2019, at 11:11 PM
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